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Visual Practitioner, Graphic Facilitator & Coach

I help you draw your vision

I'm Elise Crespin

Nice to meet you 🙂

My world is multiple…I’m French and German, both analytical and creative, a mother of 2 young boys and an independent entrepreneur in her 40s.

A Graduate from Paris-Sorbonne in the very early 2000s, I’ve then gained a significant professional experience in both operational and managerial roles in the fields of Market Research and Professional Training in France, the UK, Italy, Germany and Russia.

I’ve been happily working as an independent Visual Practitioner for over a decade in supporting individuals and organizations to achieve their best thinking with creative and visual thinking techniques. 

In my free time I co-host visual meet-ups here in Frankfurt and draw whatever the day inspires me.

Based in the green city of Frankfurt am Main,  clients take me all sorts of places throughout Europe as I facilitate and coach in French, German, Italian and English.

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My mentors



Pionier, Labor und Trainingscamp für zeichnerische Visualisierung (Germany)

Christina Merkley

"The SHIFT-IT Coach". Pioneer in Visual Coaching and teacher of Interactive-Visuals

Roberta Faulhaber

Pionnière Facilitation Graphique en France

Heather Martinez

Level up your lettering (USA)