Graphic Facilitation & Coaching

Let visuals help you!

Give your workshops a real outcome...
Make your personal vision come true...

I'm a Graphic Facilitator
and a certified SHIFT-IT®
Visual Coach

What if your workshops had a deep impact for your teams?
What if you made your personal vison come true?
Let visuals help you!

Looking for one-to-one sessions?

Are you looking for ...

One to one sessions?

Visual Coaching

Visual Coaching

Make it real through visual maps

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Visual Mentoring

Visual Mentoring

Starting off using visual techniques?
Get hands-on tips and answers from a pro

Looking for project & team-based solutions?

Project & team-based solutions?

Visual Facilitation

Visual Facillitation

No more bullshit bingo!
Get real outcomes out of your workshops

Visual Training

Visual Training

Level up your visual skills with a group of peers

I help you draw your vision

I'm Elise Crespin

Visual Coach and Graphic Facilitator

I’m a visual practitioner with 20 years experience of group dynamics and a pen in my hands since my very first steps. 

How we'll work together

I believe in Co-Creation

I work hand in hand with you as teams and individuals to help you materialize your decisions and transformation.
Whether online or on paper with markers, I make sure you hold a tangible result in your hands. Something you will keep to make that change happen!

Your visual journey starts here, I’m ready when you are …

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Elise takes care of her clients with great empathy, professionalism and spot-on relevance! Her visual coaching support was praiseworthy and very useful. Thank you Elise.
Stéphanie Rivarès
Business & Life coach
Elise shows great patience and empathy. I really enjoyed her creativity, allowing us to materialize on paper what was key for our team project. Thank you Elise!
Jessica Eoclidi
Store Leader
Elise is professional, friendly and yet doesn’t settle for just good enough. She manages to deal with groups without stress and with great precision, time management and a lot of grace.
Luigi Capossela
Regional Leader Decathlon
I experienced Elise as a trainer and facilitator. Each time I valued her great capacity to lead our team to reach their objective, always with great professionalism, time management and so much enthusiasm and care. She would also not let us go home with second best.
Luigi Capossela
Regional Leader Decathlon
Elise’s professionalism allows you to feel at ease, asks the right questions leading to the thinking process that needs to happen. Elise helped us to transform the identity of our group into images and words. She helped us to express who we are and formalize it.
Luigi Capossela
Regional Leader Decathlon
Thank you so much, the poster of our values you created for our region is now hung in all our stores with great pride! A trainer demonstrating great experience and knowledge. Elise managed to make our team feel at ease although we were partly off-line and online.
Ingrid Illuminati
Store Leader